Looking for some extra cash this summer? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a side hustle for a while but haven’t taken the leap yet. Well, today we’re gonna chat all about why summertime is the perfect time to start a new side hustle. 

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There are many different types of side hustles you can start, but today we’re going to specifically focus on direct sales/network marketing side hustles because they are the easiest side hustles to jump right into. They typically have minimal start-up costs and you can start making money right away without spending a ton of time getting set up. 

1. Many direct sales companies have summer specials/deals. Keep an eye on your favorite companies- ones you buy from often or products you love- and ask your rep about summer join specials. It’s pretty common for companies to offer deeper discounts or extra products during the summer months.

2. People are always looking to try new things. In the summer, people are generally less stressed and more excited to kick back and relax. They also may be more likely to treat themselves to a new product or two as a reward for the summertime. So why not be ready with something new for them to try?

3. May have more time/less distraction in the summer. Ok, I realize that not everyone has time off from their regular job during the summer. But some people do! Either way, you may also be looking for something fun/low stress to do to make some extra cash. And for those that don’t have time off, schedules may still be freer without having to drive kids all around to sports practices and extracurriculars. For these reasons, summertime is a great time to dive in and even grow a team of like-minded people looking for the same things you are! But if you just want to focus on sales, that works too- your ideal customer may also have more time to scroll/shop while relaxing poolside this summer! 

4. Easy to fit in with your busy life, can work from anywhere even while traveling. Now I’m not saying to spend your vacation days glued to your phone with a new side hustle. But, the beauty of direct sales is that you can fit it into the nooks and crannies of your busy life. Got a long car ride to your vacation spot? As long as you’re not the one driving, you can easily use that time to work on things. Kids in bed and you’re about to start mindlessly scrolling IG? Use that same amount of time to work on your new side hustle!

5. It usually doesn’t feel like work even when you ARE putting in work. So one of the biggest myths I want to bust wide open is that direct sales/network marketing is a way to make money without doing any work. Because that’s just not true. (And that’s also why I hear people say “direct sales doesn’t work” all the time. No work in = no money out… simple as that!) BUT the difference is, the work we do put in to grow our businesses can actually be fun and fulfilling. We get to get to build relationships, make new friends, try new things, and play around with new products just to name a few things. 

Alright, so you’re on board with starting a new side hustle this summer- now what should you do? Check out this article on how to choose the right direct sales company. 

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