If taking selfies is a key part of your social marketing strategy, keep on scrolling because today we're chatting all about quick tips to take better selfies!

We've all seen them (and probably even taken them too). The selfies showing half of an outstretched arm. Or the awkward angle making it look like there's a giant head on an awkwardly small body.

When you take selfies to post on your business Instagram or Facebook page, you want to have as professional a look as possible without having to hire a photographer for some simple every day shots.

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With these 5 tips, you can easily take better selfies without much fuss.

  1. Lighting. Good lighting is key! During the day, stand in front of a window to take advantage of the natural sunlight. (Just make sure it's not so bright that you're squinting… that's not a good look.) If you don't have a great natural light source indoors, grab a clip-on selfie light or a ring light to brighten your face and eliminate unsightly shadows.

  1. Angle. Play around with the angle of your selfie to figure out what angles are most flattering for you. I also recommend relaxing the shoulder on your selfie arm and turning slightly to eliminate the visible outstretched arm. You can also use a tripod (or a magnetic phone case stuck to your refrigerator) and set a timer to take an arm-free selfie.
  1. Portrait Mode. Let's face it. Those of us taking selfies are using our smartphones, not a fancy camera. But luckily for us, smartphone cameras are getting better every day. And most of them have some sort of portrait mode that you can use. I highly recommend this for selfies. It puts the focus on your face and gently blurs the background (which is especially helpful when your house is a mess like mine!)
  1. Lashes. Adding false lashes can take your selfie up a notch and also increase your selfie-taking confidence. I use the Tori Belle magnetic lash + eyeliner system and like them better than the others I've tried. They are easy to apply and come in a variety of styles from natural to dramatic and everything in between. These are also a must if you record yourself on video for your business.
  1. Presets/Filters. Now don't go crazy on this one. A Lightroom preset or a filter should enhance your selfie, not leave your viewers wondering why you look like an orange alien. (Pay specific attention to how the filters or presets affect your skin tone and make sure it looks natural- that's the biggest issue I see with presets/filters!) I recently discovered presets by Nicky Presets and have been impressed as I play around with them. (For 30% off at nickypresets.com, use code ANDREA30.)

From the “sweet home” collection by Nicky Presets

So next time you open your camera app, use these 5 quick tips to take better selfies and never settle for a “good enough” half-armed, big-headed selfie again.

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