The key to a productive week is setting yourself up for success. If you're a busy biz mom, aka a mom entrepreneur, creating a Sunday planning routine will help you have a more productive (and less stressful) week.

If you still go to sleep stressed out on Sunday nights because of all of the chaos you have ahead of you for the week, even though you're a work-from-home mom, then read every word on this page!

Running your own business while you're raising kids isn’t for the faint of heart. Trust me, I know… I had three babies in four years and am still in the thick of baby and toddler-hood.

And I’ll be honest. It still feels like chaos a lot of the time. But, once I implemented a mandatory Sunday planning system, things have become a lot more organized (and sometimes even calm…gasp!). Having a Sunday planning system in place will help you have a more productive week, which is a MUST as a busy biz mom!

woman at desk writing in planner

Before we dive in, let me be clear. There is absolutely no mom-shaming here. I am a firm believer in doing what works for you and your family, and I’m going to share what has worked well for us. If you like something, by all means, please use it. If something doesn’t resonate with you, go ahead and leave it.

It’s my mission to help as many busy biz moms as I can stop feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed trying to manage their daily lives. Juggling #AllTheThings is hard, but you can do hard things (like having babies!), so I have no doubt that you can find a better balance in your home and business too.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive in. Here is what I do for my Sunday planning routine. I am going to take you through the exact process that I use to help plan out my entire week so that I can approach a week feeling calm, cool, and collected. And that's what I want for you too.

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Here’s what you need to do before you start your Sunday planning session:

  1. Put the kids to bed. Seriously, don’t try to do this while they are awake and running around. It’s Impossible to concentrate, and you WILL miss things in the chaos. If you’re a morning person, then by all means do it in the morning before they wake up. The key is to be completely kid-free for this planning session (and it doesn’t take too long, so you can even do it if you have an unpredictable newborn on your hands!).

  2. Create a relaxing environment. Who says planning has to be just another boring thing on your to-do list? No one, that’s who. So go ahead and create that relaxing environment. I like to toss some essential oils in my diffuser, pick a “coffee shop ambiance” video on YouTube, and make a cup of tea. This is NOT another hustle-and-grind business activity. It can be relaxing AND productive. Oh, and pro-tip: if your desk is in a main living area, go ahead and turn it around so that it faces away from the mess. You’ll thank me later! (You can see my playroom/desk set-up in my YouTube video above!)

  3. Gather your supplies. If you use a hybrid system of digital and paper planning as I do, be sure to gather all of your supplies together before you start so you’re not scrambling to find them later. The things you’ll need to have in hand are:

desktop with calendar, planner, and rocketbook notebook

Depending on how busy you are, you may want to get a planner that has an hourly breakdown for each day. I just switched to this style and am loving it so far. And as far as a notebook goes, I love using my Rocketbook for my weekly planning, but you can use anything you already have, or even a space for notes in your planner if you have one.

We’re planning out our whole week here, so this will include everything for your business and your day-to-day life. If you’re struggling to fit your business into your daily life, this is going to help you.

I'm a firm believer that you make the time to do what you need to get done, and the only way to ensure that your business tasks and projects get done is to prioritize them.

The Sunday Planning System for Biz Moms:

  1. Make a key. I use different colors to indicate different compartments of my life, but you can use symbols instead if you use all one color. For example, all of my personal appointments and family activities are in pink, all things for my personal business are in purple, and all coaching programs or masterminds that I am in are in blue. Sometimes I break things down even more and have different colors for different business projects or coaching programs, but you can do this however is easiest for you.

  2. “Sync” all your calendars. This is where having your Google calendar ready is important—go ahead and quickly run through your digital and physical calendars and make sure all major events and appointments for the week are recorded everywhere. If you share a calendar with your spouse or anyone else, this is especially important so that they know what’s going on too!

    Then, make sure any business meetings are filled in and any sessions you plan to attend for personal or business development if any. If any to-do list items come up while you’re doing this, go ahead and jot them down on a master list in your notebook.

  3. Make your master list. If you have a master list from last week, your first step is to look at it and carry over anything from that list that you still need or want to get done and put those items on your new master list. If this is your first time making a master list, then all you have to do is grab a fresh page in your Rocketbook notebook or wherever you plan to keep your notes for the week.

    If you’re not sure what the difference between a master list and a to-do list is, make sure to check out this post***. (The short version: a master list is everything you need to get done, a to-do list is the shorter list of time-sensitive things you need to do today.)

    As you’re syncing your calendars, add anything that comes up to your master list. For example, if you see a friend’s birthday dinner is coming up this week, add “buy birthday gift” to your master list. Once you create your new master list for the week, go ahead and erase last week’s master list (it’s so satisfying!).
  1. Schedule time to work on your business. When you’re a mom and the primary focus of your day revolves around momming, you may not have a ton of time to work on your business. That’s why having a Sunday planning system is key. It will help you make sure you are actually planning out time for your business too, instead of leaving it to whether or not you have the energy or motivation by the end of the night. If this is something you struggle with, make sure to check out my new course, Mastering Biz Mom Life. For less than $30, you can transform the way you juggle mom life and biz life!
mastering biz mom life course

Prioritizing your business through all of the chaos is key.

Even though it may feel like it, listening to podcasts and training courses doesn’t actually count as working on your business. Only action-oriented activities count! You need to plan out time to work on your business and treat it as a business, not a hobby (unless it IS only a hobby for you─in that case, ignore this part).

Depending on your stage of life and schedule, you’ll want to add specific times on your calendar to work on your business tasks (if you do time-blocking) or choose the priorities you will focus on for Monday. Then, each night throughout the week, pull out your main priorities for the next day before you go to bed.

Having a Sunday planning system is a sanity-saver!

Motherhood is a full-time job, and as a biz mom, it can be hard to find time to focus on your business. One way to make things a little bit easier is by creating a simple Sunday planning system. This will help you stay organized for the week and make sure that you don't miss any important deadlines or appointments (the worst!).

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