“Mom! Mom! Mommy! MOMMMMM!”

You hear these familiar shouts from your kids constantly. Sometimes it seems like the most adorable thing ever.

But other times, you think the sound of nails on a chalkboard would be less annoying.

I know, I know. We don’t like to admit it, but sometimes we just feel downright annoyed by our sweet tiny humans. And recharging amidst the chaos feels impossible.

mom with head in hands

That doesn’t mean you’re a bad mom- it’s normal!!! 

But if you find yourself snapping at your kids with a simple request for more milk (for the 136,000th time today), you just might be a little burnt out.

I know we’ve all heard it a million times, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

While I agree with the sentiment of this statement, I don’t think it’s true. 

You can’t just stop caring for your kids because you’re having a bad day, you feel burnt out, or you need space. You show up for your kids, day in and day out, regardless of how you feel.

mom playing with toddler on floor

I’d argue that your cup isn’t empty, it’s probably just full of cold coffee waiting to be reheated (again).

And I can hear you now with the “I don’t have time for ‘me time’ or self-care” chorus. I get it. 

Between running a household, homeschooling older kids, keeping younger kids entertained, and maybe even running an online business, you’re strapped for time.

spilled cheerios and coffee

Would you believe me if I told you you don’t need a ton of time to “reheat your cup”?

Honestly, you can turn things around with your mood and attitude in just a couple of minutes a day.

Here’s how you can recharge amidst the chaos:

  1. Swap a few scrolling minutes for something fulfilling. Don’t tell me you don’t have at least 5 minutes at a time during the day that you spend scrolling IG or Facebook. (And if you really don’t, then you win the prize- and please share your secret!) Instead of aimlessly scrolling, choose an activity that you can do for just a couple of minutes and feel recharged. That could be reading a few pages in a book, writing in a journal, praying or meditating, or even savoring a few sips of hot coffee. 

  2. Seek out positivity. It’s easy to get sucked into negativity, especially when it’s so prevalent when we turn on the TV or scroll social media. So make sure to be intentional about finding positivity in your day. Not sure where to start? Try our awesome printable affirmations journal to get you going!

  3. Practice gratitude. We generally don’t spend much time reflecting on what’s going well in our lives: after all, it’s human nature to complain. But when you take a few moments to focus on the positives, you’ll be surprised how much that can lift your mood! Check out our printable gratitude journal to help you really do a deep dive into gratitude.

When you take a few intentional moments a day to focus on positivity and gratitude, you will see changes in how you feel and how you interact with your kids. 

It’s the same concept as to how you can’t stay mad if you’re smiling.

And when you improve your mood and outlook on the day, your kids will notice and pick that up from you too.

You can even involve them in practicing more positivity and gratitude and turn it into something you do together! (Just make sure to keep a few quiet moments to recharge for yourself each day still.)

What is YOUR favorite thing to do to “reheat your cup?” Let us know below or tag me over on Instagram at @sparklewithgrace.

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