Ahhh, it's finally here. That moment when your toddler is napping and you open your computer to finally get some work done without constantly being interrupted…

But as soon as you actually get into the groove on your latest project, a low-flying airplane goes by, and just like that, naptime is over. At least 30 minutes ahead of “schedule.” (If you have your kids on a predictable nap schedule where a nap lasts longer than an hour daily, please send me a message ASAP. My kids are the worst nappers!)

And just as suddenly, work time is over and you're right back in the thick of changing diapers, handing out snacks, and getting peanut butter out of your toddler's hair.

It's hard not to let out an exasperated sigh when your work time is interrupted, especially if you don't usually have dedicated chunks to work on your online business while also raising your kids.

So what can you do about it?

3 Ways To Get More Work Done When You're Constantly Being Interrupted

I've found that these three things help alleviate some of the stress from the constant interruptions that come with the territory in #momlife.

  1. Expect the interruption. You know it's going to happen, right? So instead of letting yourself get upset by the interruptions, just plan for them to happen. Anticipate as many needs as you can ahead of time (refill milk cups, make sure all supplies are in reach if they are going to do a project on their own, at least attempt to make a “potty run,” etc). Then, when you get interrupted, try not to let it ruffle your feathers. Simply get up, address the need, and get right back to work. Explain that that's what you're going to do, too, so they start to understand what's going on.
  1. Finish your thoughts before addressing them (unless someone is in danger, of course). So now that you're expecting the interruptions, you also know that they will probably come right in the middle of the most creative thought you've ever had in your life. Instead of immediately dropping what you're doing to help your kiddo, calmly tell them you will be with them in just a minute, you have to finish your thoughts first. Then make quick notes or bullet points of what you planned to do next. If you're writing a blog post, type out some quick bullet points of the major things you wanted to address. If you're making graphics, jot down what you have left to do. That way, when you do have time to go back and finish your task, you don't have to start completely from scratch trying to remember what you were doing or where you left off before the interruption.
  1. Set aside intentional “mom and me” time. This is especially important if you're wanting to get a lot of work done during the day while your kids are around. If they feel like you're just ignoring them, you can bet they will find all kinds of things to do to get your attention- none of which you're bound to approve of. So make sure to fill their attention needs in a positive way, either before or after you get some work done. And make sure to really talk it up, for example by saying something like “as soon as I finish this blog post, you and I can play your favorite game!” Depending on how old your kids are, you can also explain that you will get your work done faster without so many interruptions and let them feel included as part of the team. Then when you finish, make a big deal about how happy you are that you got something done, thank them for their patience, and play with them- WITHOUT being on your phone or computer.

Start with these three tips and you'll notice a less grumpy and more productive #bossmom. You'll also find yourself working more efficiently through the constant interruptions. Because after all, we're moms AND business owners. We need both of these roles to be working because if either one takes over, no one's going to be happy!

And for two bonus tips, make sure to watch my video on YouTube!

For even more helpful tips on getting work done for your online business through the chaos of dishes and diapers, check out my free guide, Kid-Proof Your Business here.

P.S. What helps you deal with constant interruptions in your business? Let us know below!

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