Do you set New Year’s resolutions? I used to, but after quickly failing at them (I’m talking hours into the new year sometimes!), I realized that it was only serving to make me feel like a failure.

And one thing I absolutely don’t have time for anymore is mind drama.

So instead of setting myself up for failure, I’ve shifted to setting myself up for success by choosing a word of the year. This acts like a “north star,” so to speak, and helps guide all areas of my life throughout the year. 

Are you familiar with choosing a word of the year? If not, keep on reading because I’m going to dive into all the fun details here!

(And if you’re already familiar with the idea and just want to grab your own Word of the Year Phone Wallpaper templates, click here.)

What is a Word of the Year? 

A word of the year is exactly what it sounds like – picking one single word that will serve as your focus for the entire year. It should be something that resonates with you personally and represents what you want to accomplish during this time period. This could be anything from words like “grow” or “create” to something more abstract like “calm” or “focus.”

Taking time to pick out a word at the start of each year gives mom entrepreneurs an opportunity to set intentions for their businesses and remind themselves what is important in their lives. 

Pro tip: When choosing your word, try not to just focus on your business. Choose a word or words that will serve you in both your business and personal life to make it the most helpful!

Why Choose a Word of the Year? 

Choosing a word of the year helps to provide clarity and focus throughout the entire year. It encourages you to pause and reflect on what matters most to you as an individual and as an entrepreneur. It also provides an anchor for everything from setting goals to making decisions about how to use your time and energy throughout the year.

By having one central word to focus on throughout each month, week, and day, you are more likely to stay on track with your goals and make progress toward achieving them. 

For example, if your word of the year is “clarity,” then whenever faced with an overwhelming task or decision, you can ask yourself: How can I bring clarity to this situation?

Being more intentional about how we use our time helps increase productivity so that at the end of each day, we know that our efforts have been focused on meaningful tasks rather than just spinning our wheels. Having a word of the year that’s in line with your goals will help keep you on track. 

Pro Tip: You can pick more than one word! I suggest limiting it to no more than 2-3, though, or else it loses the effect of helping you focus. 

How To Choose a Word of the Year 

The first step in choosing your word is deciding what matters most to you this upcoming year. What do you want to prioritize in both your personal and business life? Once you have identified what’s important, think about one word that captures those ideas or feelings.

Make sure that it resonates with you emotionally and reminds you why it’s important instead of just being something vague or generic. Some examples include balance, courage, peace, or joy—all words that represent values that many mom entrepreneurs wish to attain but often struggle to prioritize in their day-to-day lives. 

Pro Tip: If you have no idea where to start, check out the free word of the year generator at I don’t recommend just choosing whatever it gives you, but this can be a great way to get ideas for what resonates with you.

10 Benefits of Having a Word of the Year for Mom Entrepreneurs

  1. A word of the year can help set your intentions and focus your thoughts on what you want to achieve for the year.

  2. It can be a source of encouragement and inspiration to keep you going when things get tough.

  3. Having a word of the year can help you simplify and prioritize your goals.

  4. It’s a great way to stay motivated throughout the year.

  5. Choosing a word of the year can help keep you accountable to your goals.

  6. It can be a reminder to pause and reflect on your progress throughout the year.

  7. Your word of the year will remind you to take action toward achieving your goals.

  8. Having a word of the year is also a great way to help with decision-making throughout the year. Say “yes” to the things that are in line with your word and “no” to those that aren’t!

  9. A well-chosen word can help you break through any mental blocks or roadblocks (aka mindset drama). 

  10. Finally, having a word of the year can be an inspiring way to stay connected with yourself and your purpose throughout the year.

Where to Put Your Word of the Year

After you choose your word(s), you want to make sure you see them every day! My favorite place to do that is on my phone’s lock screen, but you can also add it to your vision board (link), write it on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror, or keep it by your desk or microwave. The key is to see it daily so you can reflect on it and make sure your plans and actions are lining up with your goals!

Pro Tip: If you decide after a while that you aren’t connecting with your word anymore or it’s not lining up with your goals, you can change it anytime! It’s not set in stone, and choosing one doesn’t have to only be done in January!

My Word of the Year for 2023

In the past few years, I’ve chosen more than one word. For 2022, my words were “rise,” “streamline,” and “serve.” I’ll be honest, I didn’t exactly follow my own advice to make them for life and business. These words were mainly geared toward my business. And while it was super helpful, I found that I struggled more this year to find harmony with my business and mom life. So for 2023, my word is HARMONY.

(And here is a picture I snapped of my phone… and yes, I cropped out as much of my messy desk as I could, but note the toddler scribbles on my calendar LOL) 

Grab your Word of the Year Canva template here

Want to help your audience with this too?

Check out our Word of the Year Workshop templates here LINK to help you guide your audience through the entire process of choosing a word of the year with intention and clarity. 

It’s Your Turn!

Now that you know what to do take some time to think about what you want to accomplish in the coming year, and choose a word that will help you stay focused and motivated. A word of the year can be anything—it can be inspiring, encouraging, or motivating. Reflect on your goals for the year, both in business and in your overall life, then pick a word that will help you get there. With your chosen word in hand, you’ll be well on your way to a successful, meaningful year.

Cheers to 2023!

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