If you're struggling to achieve success in your online business, it's time to change your mindset to change your business.

Let me be the first to admit- motivational quotes, especially those about being a “boss babe” or a “momtrepreneur” used to make me cringe.

I would roll my eyes and tell you this “you can do anything you set your mind to” stuff was a bunch of crap.

And I truly believed that.

But at the same time, I’d still feel jealousy settle into a pit in my stomach when I’d scroll past successful “WAHM” posts with their sprigs of freshly picked flowers nestled on top of their reclaimed wood farmhouse tables in their immaculate, white kitchens.

(Didn’t these people have kids?! Where were the milk spills and piles of toys that clutter every single surface of my house?? But I digress…)

So What's The Secret?

I often wondered why I couldn’t be successful working my “side hustles” from home and I’d go through phases where I’d actually try to put more work in to see if it was possible.

But working full-time while raising 2 kids under 3 as a solo parent while my husband was away for the military didn’t give me a ton of extra time.

So when we moved across the country at the beginning of a global pandemic, we decided it would be best for our family if I didn’t get a new full-time job on the front lines (I’m a PA) when we had zero support network. 

We looked at our finances and realized it wouldn’t be comfortable to lose my salary, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.

Plus, I’ve always wanted to stay home with my kiddos so I was super excited.

But after I watched our savings go down as we struggled to pay my monthly student loan payment on top of everything else on one income, I realized something had to give.

And from that moment on, I became determined to make money from home on my own terms.

It Comes Down To An Important Decision

You know what? That decision was the key. Deciding to make it work was the thing that actually started to turn things around.

Before long, I realized that what I’d done was change my MINDSET. And everything else then clicked into place.

Now I’m not saying that changing your mindset is ALL you have to do to start making money by any means. 

But intentionally deciding to make your business a success gives you the motivation to actually make that happen.

How Can Changing Your Mindset Change Your Business?

It gives you the strength to continue when it seems like the tech-gods are against you getting your website set-up or your emails automated.

Or when you don’t feel like making those graphics or following-up with your customers, it will be that little spark that keeps you going.

I’ll be honest, I still didn’t believe this mindset shift was actually necessary until I saw how things shifted for my business. 

And as I started seeing little successes add up to big successes, I was further fueled by that excitement! Within my first month of doing this, I was able to pay my monthly student loan payment with JUST the money from my magnetic lash business.

Sounds Great, But I'm Skeptical…

I totally get that. But I’m really not special and I didn’t just “get lucky.” I decided to be successful and I then set my goals and went after them fearlessly (and without nearly enough sleep…).

So if you’re struggling in your business, I challenge you to change your mindset today. Repeat after me:

“I deserve to be successful in my business and I WILL be successful!”

Just try it- seriously. Say this to yourself daily and just see what happens over the next few weeks. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Oh, and when that negative self-talk and doubt creeps in- SQUASH IT! Repeat your success affirmation and literally just ignore it. Keep moving forward. You CAN do this!

Start Crushing Your Goals Today

Make sure you download a copy of my FREE Goal Getter’s Blitz Bundle to help you get organized and start achieving your business goals too. You’ve got this, boss lady!

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