Summertime is here, and it's time for some summer eye makeup tips! 

In this article, we'll be chatting about my top 10 tips for eye-catching eyes this summer.

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10 Tips For Eye-Catching Eyes This Summer

1. Grab a set of Tori Belle magnetic lashes + eyeliner. Magnetic lashes + eyeliner are the fastest way to instantly make your eyes pop! With waterproof magnetic eyeliner, your favorite style applies easily and stays in place all day. Check out this article for my top summer magnetic lash style picks. 

2. Wear nude eyeshadow shades for a fresh, natural look. For a daily look, use a neutral palette like Tori Belle's Stark Naked. This will help you achieve subtle glam- not too much for the summer but just enough for something a little bit extra. 

3. Use a primer, eyeshadow, or translucent setting powder under your magnetic eyeliner to increase staying power. The summer heat can cause oily or sweaty eyelids (I know, who knew that was a thing? But it really is!) Putting down a base before applying your magnetic eyeliner will give it something to cling to so it doesn't peel off. 

4. Wear waterproof mascara and/or eyeliner. Waterproof makeup sometimes gets a bad rap for being difficult to remove. But did you know it slides right off with an oil-based remover or even coconut oil? Since it's waterproof, washing it off with just water won't work. But the oils break down the formula easily and it will slide right off. (That's also why oily eyelids will cause waterproof eyeliner to peel off.) I use Tori Belle's Shake It Off Remover to remove waterproof magnetic eyeliner and any other waterproof mascara I use! Check out this article for details.

5. Glam it up with gold for a night out. While you may want a subtle, natural look during the day, it's time to turn up the volume for a night out! Tori Belle's 24K multi-use palette contains real flecks of 24K gold to give a multi-dimensional shimmer. This palette can be used on the eyes (there's even a dreamy black shade perfect for smokey eyes!) or on your whole face with shades perfect for blush and bronzing too. 

6. Minimize eyeshadow creasing by washing your eyelids before applying makeup and following with an oil-free primer. Nothing's worse than creating the perfect eyeshadow look only to have it crease hours later. Again, this is an oil thing! Eliminate this by washing your lids first, avoiding eye creams on the actual eyelids, and putting down an oil-free primer first. 

7. Contour your eyeshadow. To make your eyes really stand out, apply your lighter shade of eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, then use a darker shade in the crease and outer corner.

8. Lengthen your natural lashes with Siren 4D Fiber Mascara. If you don't want to wear magnetic lashes but still want your lashes to look long and beautiful, go for a fiber lengthening mascara. I like Tori Belle's Siren 4D Fiber Mascara because it adds length without making your lashes look spidery or cakey. 

9. Use a waterproof brow gel to define your brows. I was super resistant to defining my brows for a looong time. You see, I'm actually not much of a makeup person. So I thought that using a brow gel would make me look fake or overdone. But with Tori Belle's The Works Brow Gel, a little bit goes a long way and I can add just enough to fill in my thinning, light brows without it overtaking my face. The best part? It's waterproof- perfect for summer!

10. Keep touch-up essentials in your purse or beach bag for quick fixes if needed! With all of these tips, your eye makeup shouldn't give you too much trouble. But I never like to be caught off guard! I recommend keeping a few things with you to fix any eye makeup emergencies: magnetic eyeliner, anchor magnets, and your eyeshadow palette if you have room. If not, just grab your concealer to put on your lids if you need to minimize any oil appearance.

So there you have it 10 tips for eye-catching eyes this summer! Don't forget to grab this awesome free guide, “Summer Is A State Of Mind,” that's packed with 100 tips for an easy + enjoyable summer. It contains everything from skincare to jewelry to summer snack and drink ideas and more! 

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